Slide Module v3 for SliderPLUS v5 / SliderPLUS v5 PRO

  • Gives SliderPLUS v5 automated sliding motion both horizontally & inclined (up to 22.5° with 5.5 lb)
  • Can be hand-controlled
  • Wireless connectivity with HeadONE or HeadPLUS / HeadPLUS PRO
  • Ultra precise backlash-free operation and loopable motion
  • Compatible with edelkrone App and/or edelkrone Controller
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Auto power off & power saving modes for better power management
  • Compatible with all SliderPLUS models purchased from Jan 2016
  • Works with 2x Canon LP-E6 batteries
  • Can also be powered via AC-DC adapter
  • High contrast sharp OLED screen for instant feedback
Daikto vertė: 599 €
Užstatas: 100 €
vnt X 10.00 X1d. =10.00